Relationship Between Pediatrician Experience With VBP and ACO and Perception of Positive Impact

Bivariate ResultsaMultivariable Resultsb
Reporting Positive Impact by Experience With Payment Model, % (n)Experience With Payment Model (Reference = No Experience or Unsure)
Experience: YesExperience: No or UnsureAdjusted OR (95% CI)
Payments based on quality metrics (n = 486)c42.2 (135)**27.4 (351)2.01 (1.26–3.19)**
ACOs (n = 475)c26.0 (154)***5.3 (321)6.68 (3.55–13.20)***
  • a Results are from Pearson’s χ2 test.

  • b Results are from multivariable logistic regression model; dependent variable is reporting positive impact from payment model; independent variables are experience with payment model, sex, age, work status, employee status, practice setting, and practice area.

  • c Sample sizes for multivariable results are n = 455 for ACOs and n = 459 for payments based on quality metrics because of missing data.

  • *** P < .001;

  • ** P < .01.