Survey Responses

Patient Responses, %Provider Responses, %
Telehealth use before March 2020
Technical difficulties
Device used
 Computer or laptop with video3986
 Tablet or iPad with video155
 Cellphone with video429
 Cellphone with audio only40
Concern regarding missing assessments
 Low39a; 56b; 42c19a; 32b; 10c
 Moderate to high42a; 36b; 53c81a; 68b; 90c
 Not applicable19a; 8b; 6c
Preferred frequency of future telehealth visits
Providers’ perceived impact on the patient and provider relationship
  • —, not applicable.

  • a Lack of testing and/or PFTs, %.

  • b Lack of vital signs, %.

  • c Lack of examination, %.