Baseline Health Literacy, Chronic Disease Management, and Health-Related Self-efficacy Assessments by Disease

Disease GroupHealth Literacy (TOFHLA)Chronic Disease Management (TRAQ)Health-Related Self-efficacy (PAM)
ScoreP a ScoreP a ScoreP a
CF71 (17).012.9 (0.9).0172 (12)<.01
T1D80 (12)3.7 (0.8)77 (17)
IBD98 (9)3.5 (0.7)63 (16)
  • Data are presented as means (SD). PAM, Patient Activation Measure (range: 0 [poor self-efficacy to manage one’s own health] to 100 [fully able to manage one’s own health and health care]); TOFHLA, Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults (range: 0 [illiterate] to 100 [literate]); TRAQ, Transition Readiness Assessment Questionnaire (range: −1 [not ready to transition] to 5 [ideally ready for transition]).

  • a ANOVA across disease groups.