ACLSadvanced cardiovascular life support
AEDautomated external defibrillator
ALSadvanced life support
AHAAmerican Heart Association
BLSbasic life support
COIconflict of interest
CORClass of Recommendation
CPRcardiopulmonary resuscitation
ECCemergency cardiovascular care
ECLSextracorporeal life support
ECMOextracorporeal membrane oxygenation
ECPRextracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation
EOExpert Opinion
ETIendotracheal intubation
FBAOforeign body airway obstruction
IHCAin-hospital cardiac arrest
ILCORInternational Liaison Committee on Resuscitation
LDlimited data
LOELevel of Evidence
MCSmechanical circulatory support
OHCAout-of-hospital cardiac arrest
PALSpediatric advanced life support
PICOpopulation, intervention, comparator, outcome
pVTpulseless ventricular tachycardia
RCTrandomized clinical trial
ROSCreturn of spontaneous circulation
SGAsupraglottic airway
TTMtargeted temperature management
VFventricular fibrillation