Quality Measures

DomainQuality OutcomeAgeDefinitionReferences
ObesityScreening and counseling at well-child visits2–<18 yFor all children:11, 37
1. BMI calculated, documented, and plotted on a growth chart
For overweight and obese children a :
2. Documented counseling for nutrition
3. Documented counseling for physical activity
LeadScreening for toxicity9–12 and 21–24 moFor practices with universal screening38, 39
1. Lead blood test ordered
For practices with selective screening
2. Lead blood tests ordered for children with:
a. High-risk zip code OR
b. Medicaid insurance OR
c. Risk factors based on Ohio Department of Health questionnaire
DentalFluoride varnish application12–<36 moFor all children with teeth:41, 45
Fluoride varnish unless:
a. Parent declined OR
b. Primary care fluoride varnish application within previous 6 mo
  • a Overweight or obese: BMI ≥85th percentile.