Multivariate Analyses of Health Services Use Over 3 Years Postscreening

Rate Ratio95% CIP
ED use
 SBIRT group (reference = UC)0.650.440.97**
 Female (reference = male)1.821.182.80**
 Race and ethnicity
  Asian American0.270.100.72**
  Unknown or missing1.120.492.54
Psychiatric treatment use
 SBIRT group (reference = UC)1.000.551.85
 Female (reference = male)1.410.762.62
 Race and ethnicity (reference = white)
  Asian American0.200.060.63**
  Unknown or missing0.930.273.17
Primary care use
 SBIRT group (reference = UC)0.890.691.15
 Female (reference = male)1.641.262.14**
 Race and ethnicity (reference = white)
  Asian American0.850.531.37
  Unknown or missing1.300.772.17
All outpatient use
 SBIRT group (reference = UC)0.890.651.22
 Female (reference = male)1.220.891.69
 Race and ethnicity (reference = white)
  Asian American0.460.250.83**
  Unknown or missing1.390.451.61
  • —, not significant.

  • * P < .10.

  • ** P < .05.