Infection-Control Efforts Reported in Open Child Care Programs During April 2020 (N = 20 550)

Reporting Each Effort Every Day, %
Once DailyTwice DailyThrice Daily
 Child symptom screening78.440.7
 Child temperature checks76.133.3
 Staff symptom screening73.935.4
 Staff temperature checks69.328.3
 All indoor surfaces90.273.956.5
 All doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, handles90.371.154.3
 All toys, books, classroom materials81.755.239.6
 No child-accessible items that are hard to disinfect75.0
Hand hygiene
 All children washed hands frequently92.7
 All staff washed hands frequently90.2
Masks and personal protective equipment
 All children (≥2 y old) wore facial masks11.8
 All adults wore facial masks35.2
 All adults wore aprons and/or changed clothes before work61.7
 All adults wore gloves when handling children33.2
 No mixing of children between child groups53.6
 No sharing of items between child groups67.3
Social distancing
 Seating or cots ≥6 ft apart68.0
 Staggered arrival and departure times51.2
 All children curbside drop-off and/or pickup78.8
 All child belongings separated85.8
 No eating family style or sharing food49.4
  • Percentages indicate the proportion of providers reporting that a specific infection-control effort was employed either every day or (for some efforts) twice or thrice daily. —, not applicable.