Model Results Testing Differences on Adult Outcomes as a Function of Having Been Physically Abused or Not in Early Childhood

Adult OutcomeWeighted Proportion or Mean (SE)Impact of Early Abuse
Early Abuse (n = 93)No Early Abuse (n = 753)Odds Ratio or SEP
Education or economic stability
 Ever received special education services46.9020.763.20.001
 Ever repeated a grade54.0628.492.14.01
 Completed college or more13.6530.130.72.41
 Currently full-time employed or enrolled in higher education in last year53.2368.740.66.13
 Received government assistance in past 12 mo, self report19.529.882.00.05
Physical health
 General health index, average self and peer report0.74 (0.02)0.81 (0.01)−0.10.03
 Risky sexual behavior scale, self report9.31 (1.48)7.60 (0.45)0.04.35
Mental health, self or peer report
 Any DSM externalizing clinical range24.2811.252.42.01
  DSM clinical range, antisocial personality19.877.712.80.01
  DSM clinical range, ADHD problems16.125.793.15.001
 Any DSM internalizing clinical range40.3522.932.10.01
  DSM clinical range, anxiety13.
  DSM clinical range, avoidant personality12.507.761.60.21
  DSM clinical range, depression16.159.731.14.69
  DSM clinical range, somatic22.3712.991.68.12
 Happiness22.65 (0.52)23.89 (0.17)−0.05.23
Substance use, self or peer report
 Weekly hazardous drinking past year9.128.840.93.89
 Used marijuana weekly past year16.2814.770.79.52
 Used other drugs weekly past year, excluding marijuana11.437.751.06.89
Criminal behavior
 Lifetime any drug conviction, court record data19.6610.341.62.16
 Lifetime any property or public order conviction, court record data33.3723.101.32.28
 Lifetime any violent crime convictions, court record data26.6915.951.37.26
 Convicted in past 12 mo, self or peer report17.967.152.61.01
  • Analyses controlled for sex, race and ethnicity, age at interview, and several variables capturing other early life circumstances, including living in a single parent household, family SES, and child health problems and family stress experienced during the child’s first 5 years of life. ADHD, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.