Adjusted Logistic Regression Unmatched Analysis Predicting Cases (n = 427) Versus Noncases (n = 56 908)

OR95% Wald CIP
Exposure to child care
Race and/or ethnicity
 American Indian or Alaskan native2.371.46–3.86.001
 Asian American0.830.42–1.64.60
 African American or Black1.971.53–2.53<.001
 Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander1.860.65–5.29.25
 Prefer not to answer (race)1.591.17–2.16.003
 Prefer not to answer (ethnicity)1.310.69–2.50.41
 Prefer not to answer0.970.29–3.23.98
Child care type
 Center basedReferenceReferenceReference
 Family based or home based1.250.87–1.80.22
Director or owner (of center-based care)
Personal COVID-19 health precautions
 Masks, hand-washing, and/or distancing1.160.90–1.50.24
 Avoiding social interactions1.271.13–1.44.001
 Avoiding high-risk situations and travel0.720.62–0.84<.001
County COVID-19 cumulative deaths
County median household income
Interaction effects
 Exposure × child care type0.850.54–1.34.49
  • The state where the child care program was located (all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) was entered in the logistic regression analysis but is not reflected in the table.

  • a No survey respondents self-identified as nonbinary, so we dropped this value from analysis.