Personal COVID-19 Health Precautions: Principal Component Analysis With Factor Loadings

Factor 1Factor 2Factor 3
 Asked family and friends not to visit0.79
 Avoided extended family and friends even if not symptomatic0.77
 Avoided eating outside of home0.55
 Avoided close contact with people who were sick0.79
 Avoided traveling to high COVID-19–infection places0.71
 Avoided social events they would normally attend0.52
 Canceled business trips, social trips, vacations0.47
 Tried to maintain at least 6 ft from others when outside home0.75
 Wore facial covering or mask almost always when outside home0.60
 Frequently washed or sanitized hands when outside home0.57
Factor statistics
 Eigen value3.361.060.99
 % variance accounted (from rotated sums of squared loadings)22.018.813.4
 Cronbach’s α0.750.860.82
  • Factor loadings are from Kaiser-normalized varimax rotation, suppressing <0.45. —, not applicable.