Multivariate Analyses of Depression, Substance Use, and Chronic Medical Diagnoses 1 and 3 Years Postscreening

1-y Postscreening3-y Postscreening
OR95% Confidence LimitsPOR95% Confidence LimitsP
Depression diagnosis
 SBIRT group (reference = UC)0.310.110.87**0.510.280.94**
 Female (reference = male)2.640.6810.**
 Race and ethnicity (reference = white)
  Asian American0.
  Unknown or missing0.390.043.690.450.111.85
 Previous depression diagnosis6.652.3818.54**3.131.576.26**
Substance use diagnosisa
 SBIRT group (reference = UC)N/AN/AN/A0.460.230.92**
 Female (reference = male)N/AN/AN/A1.690.773.71
 Race and ethnicity (reference = white)N/AN/AN/A
  Asian AmericanN/AN/AN/A0.160.011.66
  Unknown or missingN/AN/AN/A1.790.457.06
 Previous substance use diagnosisN/AN/AN/A13.082.6365.07**
Chronic medical diagnosis
 SBIRT group (reference = UC)0.480.211.140.850.491.46
 Female (reference = male)0.890.362.161.400.782.49
 Race and ethnicity (reference = white)
  Asian American0.270.032.330.560.191.63
  Unknown or missing0.440.053.860.600.191.96
  Previous medical condition2.701.076.78**6.883.4213.82**
  • Any chronic condition included asthma, arthritis, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, rhinitis, and sinusitis. N/A , not applicable; —, not significant.

  • a One-year postscreening multivariate analyses could not be performed because of quasi separation of the data.

  • ** P < .05.