Adjusted Case-Controlled Conditional Logistic Regression Analysis Predicting Cases (n = 427) Versus Matched Controls (n = 21 350)

Exposure to child care0.940.73–1.21.64
Child care type (family or home based)1.591.14–2.23<.01
Interaction (child care type × exposure)0.820.53–1.26.37
  • Cases were propensity score–matched to controls by using 1:50 random matching without replacement with a caliper width of 0.2 × SD of the logit function. Values used in the propensity score included age, race, ethnicity, sex, director status, county-level COVID-19 death rate, county-level median household income, personal COVID-19 health precaution measures (3 continuous variables), and state where child care program was located (indicator variables).