Path Coefficients and Covariates in the Final Structural Model

β a P
 Early externalizing → adolescent externalizing0.31.00
 Early externalizing → parental monitoring0.15.15
 Early externalizing → HRSB−0.08.43
 Nurturant parenting → adolescent externalizing−0.04.66
 Nurturant parenting → parental monitoring0.44.00
 Nurturant parenting → deviant peer affiliation−0.27.00
 Nurturant parenting → HRSB−0.11.31
 Depressive symptoms → adolescent externalizing0.24.00
 Depressive symptoms → parental monitoring−0.10.28
 Depressive symptoms → deviant peer affiliation0.20.01
 Depressive symptoms → HRSB−0.03.73
 Adolescent externalizing → HRSB0.10.25
 Daring → HRSB0.31.00
 Deviant peer affiliation → HRSB0.26.00
 Parental monitoring → HRSB0.11.17
r P
Correlations among residual covariances
 Early externalizing with depressive symptoms0.46.00
 Early externalizing with nurturant parenting−0.29.01
 Depressive symptoms with nurturant parenting−0.19.10
 Daring with adolescent externalizing0.28.00
 Daring with deviant peer affiliation0.22.04
 Daring with parental monitoring−0.04.72
 Adolescent externalizing with parental monitoring−0.33.00
 Adolescent externalizing with deviant peer affiliation0.24.01
 Parental monitoring with deviant peer affiliation−0.17.02
  • a Standardized coefficient.