Descriptive Statistics for Early Childhood and Early Adolescent Variables

MeasureNPossible RangeMeanSDSample Range
Mother’s educational level, years of school completed3100–20+12.571.508–18
Mother’s age when she had her first child, years31021.494.3313–40
SES, Hollingshead score3108–6623.3679.246–58
Early externalizing problems, t-scores
 2 years2870–10054.678.8328–88
 3 years2790–10062.9313.3528–100
Mother’s depressive symptoms
 1.5 years3100–639.046.860–45
 2 years3020–637.586.270–36
 3.5 years2810–637.216.910–43
Nurturant parenting: 2 years
Early adolescent externalizing problems, t-scores
 11 years2400–10049.8511.2830–82
 12 years2340–10050.2411.5032–82
Daring: 12 years
 PC report2231–42.560.621–4
 TC report2201–42.960.601.2–4
Deviant peer affiliation at age 122350–423.453.810–23
Parental monitoring at age 122321–54.130.741.4–5
  • —, Childbearing range includes pubertal onset through menopause. PC, primary caregiver.