Selected Questions From the 21-Question Survey to PAC Physicians About Their Experience, 2006–2011

Question (n = Number of Responses to the Question)Positive response or “Yes” (%)
Did your experience in PAC affect your career goals when you left PAC? (n = 106)92 (87)
Did you pursue additional training after working with PAC? (n = 106)55 (52)
Are you working with resource-limited populations internationally now? (n = 109)61 (56)
Are you working with resource-limited populations in the United States now? (n = 107)47 (44)
Was it recommended for you to take malaria prophylaxis based on your country assignment? (n = 110)45 (41)
Did you ever take postexposure prophylaxis after a blood or body fluid exposure to prevent HIV? (n = 110)18 (16)
Was your transition home difficult? (n = 95)39 (41)
Did you have a problem securing a job on your return? (n = 95)9 (9)
Are you happy with your decision to have been a PAC physician? (n = 111)111 (100)
Would you recommend this experience to a colleague? (n = 111)110 (99)