Five-Year Survival of 15- to 19-Year-Olds Diagnosed (2000–2004, SEER) in 18 Regions of the United States (29% of the United States) According to Cancer Type for All Stages and for Stage IV for Which There Were at Least 25 and 10 Patients, Respectively8

RankCancer TypeNSurvival (%)
All stages
 1Bladder carcinoma23100.0
 2Thyroid carcinoma49098.4
 3Fibromatous neoplasms10298.0
 5Hodgkin’s lymphoma83394.4
 6Low-grade astrocytoma18192.7
 7Nasopharyngeal carcinoma4190.2
 8Oral cavity and pharynx carcinoma6190.1
 10Carcinoma of the cervix and uterus1687.5
 11Lung carcinoma3086.0
 12Kidney carcinoma3083.3
 14Chronic myeloid leukemia5581.8
 15Intracranial germ cell tumor14679.3
 16Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma52276.5
 17Gonadal carcinoma3070.0
 19Acute lymphoid leukemia48562.3
 20Colorectal carcinoma6961.5
 21Ewing’s sarcoma16059.0
 23Acute myeloid leukemia24848.4
 25Hepatic carcinoma2934.1
 26Glioblastoma, anaplastic astrocytoma7816.4
Stage IV
 1Hodgkin’s lymphoma14096.41
 2Thyroid carcinoma1283.33
 3Chronic myeloid leukemia3881.58
 4Gonadal germ cell tumor5678.53
 5Acute lymphoid leukemia29563.62
 6Intracranial germ cell tumor2365.22
 7Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma12357.62
 8CNS tumor1450.00
 9Acute myeloid leukemia14947.10
 11Ewing’s sarcoma3132.26
 13Colorectal carcinoma147.14
  • CNS, central nervous system; PNET, primitive neuroectodermal tumor; SEER, Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program.