Practice Characteristics: Comparing Early- and Late-Phase Practices

Early-Phase, 16 PracticesLate-Phase, 14 PracticesIntracluster Coefficient
Practice type, no. of practices
 Community clinic27
 Physician- or physician group-owned65
Specialty, no. of practices
 Family medicine21
County, no. of practices
 Cuyahoga (Cleveland)1111
 Surrounding counties53
Percentage of pediatric patients enrolled in Medicaid
Health records, no. of practices
Clinicians, physicians, and nurse practitioners (n = 102)
No. of clinicians per practice, mean (range, SD)3.50 (1–10, 2.34)3.64 (1–9, 2.27)
No. of clinician FTEs per practice, mean (range, SD)2.27 (0.9–7.0,1.67)1.98 (1.0–3.9, 0.83)
Female gender, %69.867.3
Years since professional degree, mean (SD)20.71 (8.57)24.45 (7.55)
Nonclinician staff FTEs per practice, mean (SD)4.74 (3.97)3.14 (1.67)
Well-child visit–level characteristics from chart reviews
 Age at well-child visit, y, mean/cluster (SD)6.73 (0.31)7.30 (1.09)
 Number eligible visits/cluster/data collection, mean (SD)91.84 (15.46)92.57 (10.39)N/A
 Eligible for obesity screening and counseling68.62 (12.34)72.24 (11.51)0.15
 Eligible for lead screening26.71 (9.79)22.95 (10.11)0.27
 Eligible for fluoride varnish19.11 (12,64)21.67 (7.75)0.16
Baseline preventive service delivery, unadjusted, %
 Obesity screening and counseling5.25.6
 Lead screening61.367.8
 Fluoride varnish00.9
  • FTE, full-time equivalent; —, not applicable.