Descriptive Statistics for the Promotion of Unhealthy Foods and Drinks During YouTube Videos Posted by 5 Kid Influencers’ YouTube Channels

Data CategoriesN% of Sample
Summary data for videos sampled from the 5 kid influencer channels
 Total No. videos418100 (reference)
 No. videos showing food and/or drinks17942.8
 No. videos showing food and/or drink brand on thumbnail12329.4
 Total No. likes on videos17 888 398100 (reference)
 No. likes on videos showing food and/or drinks2 572 18914.4
 Total No. views for videos showing food and/or drinks1 062 424 656
Summary data for food and/or beverage brand appearances during 179 videos that featured food and/or drinks
 Total No. instances showing food and/or drinks291100 (reference)
 No. instances showing branded food and/or drinks27092.7
 No. instances showing unbranded food and/or drinks217.2
 Total No. unique food and/or drink brands that were shown63
Impressions generated by food and/or drink appearances in the 179 videos in which food/drinks were shown
 No. videos showing food and/or drinks >1 min13273.7a
 No. videos showing food and/or drinks <1 min2413.4a
 No. videos in which food and/or drinks flashed on the screen2312.8a
 Total estimated No. impressions for food and/or drinksb16 584 118
Nutritional quality of 291 food and/or drinks shown during the 179 videos that featured food and/or drinksc
 No. instances unhealthy branded items26390.3d
  No. instances in which branded toys appeared10740.6
  No. instances in which branded food and/or drinks appeared15659.5
 No. instances of unhealthy unbranded items124.1d
 No. instances of healthy unbranded items93.1d
 No. instances of healthy branded items72.4d
Summary data for how food and/or drinks were presented during the 179 videos that featured food and/or drinks
 No. videos in which a child consumed the food and/or drink (eg, M&M’s)9553.1b
 No. videos in which child played with food and/or drink (eg, plastic toys)4927.4b
 No. videos that showed the logo or someone preparing food3519.6b
  • One family maintains each channel. —, not applicable.

  • a Calculated by using 179 videos as reference.

  • b The number of minutes the food and/or drink was shown, multiplied by the number of views for that video.

  • c Branded and unbranded food and drinks featured in the videos are included in Supplemental Table 4.

  • d Calculated by using 241 instances as reference.