Odds of Meeting Readiness Criteria for Rescue and Control Medications Based on Health Beliefs and Self-Reported Adherence to Control Medications

Crude ORsaORs
3 Availability Criteria2 Knowledge CriteriaAll 5 criteria3 Availability Criteria2 Knowledge CriteriaAll 5 criteria
Rescue medication (n = 277)
 Health belief scale1.011.031.01
  Symptom-based outcome expectancy11.0210.9910.99
  Worries and concerns1.
Control medication (n = 153)
 Health belief scale1.031.06**1.04*
  Symptom-based outcome expectancy1.031.09*
  Worries and concerns1.081.16**1.14**1.111.13*1.19*
 Self-reported adherence4.88**2.4*4.06**5.2**2.51*4.59**
  • Adjusted models include only the variables in the table. Possible confounding variables, including asthma control and caregiver characteristics, had no significant effect on medication readiness and were excluded from the model. OR, odds ratio; —, not applicable.

  • * P < .05;

  • ** P < .01.