Generalized Linear Regression Models in Girls and Boys Regarding the Association Between State-Level Interventions and at Least 2-Dose HPV Vaccination Coverage by Age 15 in 2016–2017 Across 50 States

State-Level InterventionsGirlsBoys
β Estimate, %95% CI, %Pβ Estimate, %95% CI, %P
Law enactment of school requirementa
 Yes versus no3.0−10.4 to 16.3.65733.6−9.8 to 17.0.5952
Not allowing personal beliefs exemptionsa
 Yes versus no−0.2−5.6 to 5.3.94810.1−5.4 to 5.5.9833
Legislation to improve vaccination educationa
 Yes versus no8.83.3 to 14.2.00248.73.2 to 14.2.0028
State-purchased vaccinesa
 Yes versus no0.7−5.0 to 6.5.79545.4−0.4 to 11.2.0671
No. pediatric generalistsb
 One more physician per 10 000 children1.10.1 to 2.0.02610.2−0.8 to 1.1.6984
Urbanization statusc
 Per 10% increase in urbanized population2.60.5 to 4.7.01811.8−0.3 to 3.9.0908
Population sized
 Per 1 million increase in population−0.2−0.6 to 0.3.46900.1−0.3 to 0.5.7104