Change in Likelihood of Adolescent Receiving Vaccination at an Eligible Visit During Intervention and Postintervention Periods Compared With Preintervention Period

VariableAges 9–10Ages 11–12Ages 13–17
Percentage Point Change in Likelihood of VaccinationaPPercentage Point Change in Likelihood of VaccinationaPPercentage Point Change in Likelihood of VaccinationaP
Study period
 Preintervention (referenceb), %20.245.642.5
 Female (reference), %33.457.647.8
 Non-Hispanic white (reference), %30.252.440.9
 Non-Hispanic black+2.7.08+5.5<.001+4.0.005
Primary language
 Other (reference), %36.359.347.9
 Private (reference), %32.556.042.9
Received meningitis or tetanus vaccines at visit
 No (reference), %34.540.737.3
Calendar time
 2015 fourth quarter (reference), %21.280.461.8
 2016 first quarter0.0.93−2.2.23−6.0.001
 2016 second quarter−2.6.03−6.8.001−4.1.03
 2016 third quarter+10.8<.001−5.6.007−3.3.1
 2016 fourth quarter+13.9<.001−18.1<.001−8.4<.001
 2017 first quarter+17.6<.001−21.2<.001−14.0<.001
 2017 second quarter+18.5<.001−23.3<.001−18.7<.001
 2017 third quarter+27.3<.001−22.8<.001−18.0<.001
 2017 fourth quarter+20.5<.001−32.8<.001−21.7<.001
 2018 first quarter+21.9<.001−37.0<.001−28.2<.001
 2018 second quarter+17.7<.001−41.8<.001−31.7<.001
 2018 third quarter+19.8<.001−41.8<.001−33.1<.001
  • Eligible patients are those who had not completed the vaccine series and for whom a sufficient amount of time had elapsed since the previous dose to be eligible for a subsequent dose. Eligibility was adjusted for national vaccine schedule recommendations at date of visit and age at vaccine initiation. —, reference.

  • a Percentage point change refers to an increase or decrease in percentage of adolescents fulfilling criteria (eg, from 20.2% completing series on time preintervention among those aged 9 to 10 years to 20.2% + 27.3%, a total of 47.5% completing the series postintervention).

  • b Reference refers to the value against which other categories of that variable are compared. For example, the preintervention period is the reference value for the study period. Percentage point changes estimate the change in the intervention and postintervention periods compared with the preintervention period.