PFT Response to Glucocorticoid Treatment

Before Glucocorticoids, MeanaAfter Glucocorticoids, MeanbP
FEV1, % predictedc66.889.6.042
FVC, % predictedc70.493.4.043
TLC, % predictedd83.5101.3.066
DLCO, % predictedd78.894.3.068
6MWD, % predictedd62.373.3.068
6MWT Spo2d8493.8.068
  • Spo2, pulse oxygen saturation; TLC, total lung capacity; 6MWD, 6-min walk distance.

  • a Before or within 24 h of initiation of glucocorticoid treatment.

  • b First repeat testing after initiation of glucocorticoid treatment; completed during hospitalization or at clinic follow-up.

  • c n = 5.

  • d n = 4.