Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Three Infants With SARS-CoV-2

Patient CharacteristicsPatient 1Patient 2Patient 3
Age at admission, d432843
 Contact with individual with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection or individual with fever and/or respiratory symptomsYesNoYes
Signs and symptoms
 Feeding difficultyYesYesYes
 Supplemental oxygen supportNoNoNo
Laboratory studies
 Leukocytes, thousands per μLa3.85 (6.0–17.5)7.49 (5–19.5)5.28 (6.0–17.5)
 Neutrophils, thousands per μLa0.79 (1.5–8.5)4.44 (1.0–9.0)0.90 (1.5–8.5)
 Lymphocytes, thousands per μLa1.82 (4.0–10.5)1.62 (2.5–16.5)2.65 (4.0–10.5)
 Platelet count, thousands per μLa523 (150–400)455 (120–370)529 (150–400)
 CSF leukocytes, cells per μL101N/A
Hospital course
 Respiratory distressYesNoNo
 Need for supplemental intravenous fluidsYesYesNo
 Airborne isolation precautionsYesYesYes
 Length of stay, h9245N/Ab
  • N/A, not applicable.

  • a Age-appropriate reference ranges listed after each value.

  • b Patient was not admitted on initial presentation.