Racial and/or Ethnic Disparities in the Juvenile Justice System (All Data From 2018, Unless Otherwise Specified)

WhiteAfrican AmericanHispanicAIANAHPI
US population <18 y,10 %50142615
Juvenile arrest relative rate (RR)11,a2.6Not reportedb1.30.3
Cases referred to juvenile court RR122.
Cases diverted RR120.
Cases detained RR121.
Cases adjudicated delinquent RR120.
Adjudicated cases resulting in secure confinement RR121.
Cases judicially waived to criminal court121.
Juvenile residential placement RR134.
Decrease juveniles in residential placement 2006–2015,14 %5446455165
Decline in juvenile court delinquency cases 2005–2015,15 %5344384057
  • AIAN, American Indian or Alaskan native; AHPI, Asian American, Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander; —, not applicable.

  • a Relative rates relative to white youth.

  • b Not all agencies provide ethnicity data; thus, arrest rates for Hispanic juveniles are not reported.