Association of State Gun Law Scores With Firearm-Related Mortality Rates, 2011–2015

aIRR (95% CI)a
Gun law score0.96 (0.93–0.99)b
High gun ownership (referent = low gun ownership)0.96 (0.83–1.12)
Percent of population with African American race1.16 (1.07–1.25)b
Percent of population with Hispanic ethnicity0.98 (0.91–1.05)
Percent of population with a college education0.72 (0.57–0.90)b
Percent of population living below the poverty level0.79 (0.51–1.22)
  • a For every 10-point increase in the gun law score (eg, stricter firearm legislation), the firearm-related mortality rate among children decreases by 4%.

  • b Statistical significance at P value <.05; adjusted for year and clustered by state.