BodybuildingLifting weights with the specific goal of increasing muscle size, symmetry, and definition with the possible goal of entering competitive events that are judged
Concentric muscle actionThe muscle shortens during contraction (ie, lifting phase of bicep curl)
Core strengtheningFocusing a strength-building program on the muscles that stabilize the trunk and pelvis of the body; this training emphasizes strengthening the abdominal, low back, and gluteal muscles as well as flexibility of muscular attachments to the pelvis, such as the quadriceps and hamstring muscles
Eccentric muscle actionThe muscle lengthens during contraction (ie, lowering phase of bicep curl)
Integrative neuromuscular trainingMultimodal exercise program using different types of resistance training to target deficits in strength and motor control by improving both health- and skill-related components of physical fitness
Isokinetic muscle actionThis exercise requires special equipment that maintains a fixed speed of muscle contraction throughout the range of motion
Muscular fitnessA global term that includes muscular strength, muscular power, and local muscular endurance
Physical literacyMoving with confidence and competence in various activities and environments to benefit overall health
Plyometric exercisesRepeated, rapid, eccentric, and concentric muscle actions, such as side-to-side hops or squat jumps
PowerliftingA competitive sport that involves maximum lifting ability; powerlifting includes the dead lift, back squat, and bench press
PrehabilitationStrength, flexibility, and functional training aimed at preventing injuries before they happen or reducing the risk of a recurrent injury
Repetition (rep)One complete movement of an exercise that typically involves lifting and lowering a load
Repetition maximum (RM)The maximum amount of weight that can be lifted with proper exercise technique using a given resistance; a 1 RM is the maximum resistance that can be used for 1 complete repetition of an exercise, whereas a 10 RM is the maximum resistance that can be used for 10 complete repetitions of an exercise
SetA group of repetitions performed continuously
WeightliftingA sport that involves the performance of the snatch and clean-and-jerk exercises in competition
Weightlifting trainingThe use of weightlifting exercises, movements, and derivatives of these exercises incorporated into a training program