Examples of Ongoing Vaccinate With Confidence Activities by the CDC or Partners

Priority AreaActivity
Protect communitiesSupport the 64 awardees of the CDC’s Immunization and Vaccines for Children cooperative agreement (includes state, city, and territorial health departments) to identify and respond to pockets of low vaccination coverage in their jurisdictions
Improve capacity of immunization programs to use immunization information system data and small-area analyses to pinpoint areas of low vaccination coverage and identify barriers to vaccination
Develop a community assessment tool kit to help local public health officials and other stakeholders identify factors related to undervaccination in communities
Help organizations with targeted and culturally sensitive approaches to increase coverage in undervaccinated communities
Build frontline immunization program capacity to respond to vaccine hesitancy through technical assistance, capacity-building activities, and dissemination of tools and materials
Characterize populations at risk for undervaccination to implement tailored approaches to increasing coverage
Empower familiesDisseminate materials and tools to health care providers to support earlier vaccine conversations with parents of young infants and with pregnant women
Reduce hesitancy and improve vaccine access at the nation’s community health centers through development of culturally competent patient engagement strategies
Conduct formative research to develop effective communication messages and materials for parents and health care providers
Stop mythsWork with social media companies to promote trustworthy vaccine information
Educate state policy-makers on vaccine safety and effectiveness
Engage state and local health officials to advance effective local responses and community-based initiatives to misinformation and hesitancy