KAS 4: ADHD is a chronic condition; therefore, the PCC should manage children and adolescents with ADHD in the same manner that they would children and youth with special health care needs, following the principles of the chronic care model and the medical home. (Grade B: strong recommendation.)

Aggregate evidence qualityGrade B
BenefitsThe recommendation describes the coordinated services that are most appropriate to manage the condition.
Risks, harm, costProviding these services may be more costly.
Benefit-harm assessmentThere is a preponderance of benefits over harm.
Intentional vaguenessNone.
Role of patient preferencesFamily preference in how these services are provided is an important consideration, because it can increase adherence.
StrengthStrong recommendation.
Key referencesBrito et al69; Biederman et al72; Scheffler et al74; Barbaresi et al75; Chang et al71; Chang et al78; Lichtenstein et al77; Harstad and Levy80