Action Steps for Health Care Providers’ Involvement in the 2020 Census

Action Steps
Education actions
 Goal: Gain more information to share with patients, families, and coworkers
  Know the regulations around who should fill out the census and where
   Include trainees, traveling nurses and other professionals, hospitalized children and their families, and noncitizens
  Familiarize yourself with which programs rely on the census and why it is critical for child health
  Explore local, state, and national census resources to determine which may be most useful to your practice setting
  Know where to direct people for more information
Easy actions
 Goal: Impactful actions to accomplish in <10 min
  Fill out your own household’s census in a timely and accurate manner
   Include all household members, including infants and young children, nonrelated individuals residing in the home, and other traditionally undercounted groups; count college students and other transient members only once and only in the place that they reside on April 1, 2020
  Inform your patients and colleagues about the reasons to fill out the census
  Understand and spread the message (eg, in person and on social media) that the census is safe, and data cannot be shared with anyone
Moderate actions
 Goal: Independent actions to engage others
  Add a census topic to standing staff meetings and share your resources
  Use social media to engage others in your census activities and share resources
  Distribute materials around your institution with clear and accurate messaging about the census (eg, flyers and frequently asked questions in common areas, inclusion in newsletters or e-mails to staff, and presentations at staff meetings or educational conferences)
   Consider including information that is specific to your practice setting, patient population, or community
Complex actions
 Goal: Collaborate with partners to expand the reach of your message
  Locate or create materials specific to how a census undercount would affect your community (eg, which programs your population uses that are funded via census counts, the federal dollars lost for each person uncounted in your community, and federal funding received by your institution)
  Create a program to assist employees and patients with filling out their census while in your institution
  Hold a census roundtable and invite an outside speaker
  Work with your institution’s communication, public relations, or government relations department(s) to disseminate information on the importance and safety of the 2020 census
  Partner with community organizations that work with hard-to-count groups, supporting their existing census outreach work or helping them develop census outreach
  Participate in existing local, state, and national campaigns (including that of the American Academy of Pediatrics) around census outreach