KAS 6: The PCC should titrate doses of medication for ADHD to achieve maximum benefit with tolerable side effects. (Grade B: strong recommendation.)

Aggregate evidence qualityGrade B
BenefitsThe optimal dose of medication is required to reduce core symptoms to, or close to, the levels of children without ADHD.
Risks, harm, costHigher levels of medication increase the chances of side effects.
Benefit-harm assessmentThe importance of adequately treating ADHD outweighs the risk of adverse effects.
Intentional vaguenessNone.
Role of patient preferencesThe families’ preferences and comfort need to be taken into consideration in developing a titration plan, as they are likely to predict engagement and persistence with a treatment.
StrengthStrong recommendation
Key referencesJensen et al140; Solanto147; Brinkman et al149