Use of Developmental Screening Tools by Pediatricians: 2002–2016

Clinical assessment (ie, history and physical examination) without the use of a formal (standardized) screening instrument or checklista70.950860.146452.4443<.001
Clinical assessment guided by a formal (standardized) screening instrumenta34.150142.646262.9450<.001
Informal milestone checklist filled out by parentsa17.648326.844434.3423<.001
Informal milestone checklist review by provider or staffa35.448937.644955.3432<.001
Formal screening by using a standardized instrument
 Denver II13.748117.438013.6354.24
Any formal screening toola20.656242.753262.5469<.001
  • Question wording: “How often do you or your staff use the following methods or tools to identify children birth to 35 mo of age at risk for developmental delay or problems?” Percentage of pediatricians responding always or almost always is reported.

  • a Result from the χ2 test indicates statistically significant difference in the distribution of the variable across years (P < .05).