Descriptive Overview of the Analytic Sample by Survey Year

Female sex, %54.356.066.1<.001a
Age, y, mean (SD)44.1 (9.6)47.1 (10.1)49.0 (10.9)2002 vs 2016: <.001b; 2002 vs 2009: <.001b
Hours worked per week, mean (SD)43.9 (13.4)42.9 (13.4)41.9 (12.6)2002 vs 2016: .01b; 2002 vs 2009: .22b
Practice area, %.36a
 Urban, inner city16.718.113.9
 Urban, not inner city25.823.223.0
Practice setting, %.006a
 Solo or 2-physician practice18.220.012.4
 Group practice or HMO57.956.566.2
 Medical school, hospital, clinic, or other23.823.321.3
Analytic sample size, n562532469
  • a Results from the χ2 test comparing distributions across survey years.

  • b Results from the 2-tailed t test comparing means across survey years.