Steps Toward Integrating Physical Activity Assessment and Counseling Into Clinical Practice

1. Ask about current physical activity frequency and duration and enjoyment of movement.
2. If it is an acute or subspecialty visit, connect benefit of physical activity to current health condition and advise on restrictions in physical activity (if applicable).
3. If it is a health supervision visit, assess physical literacy and any gap between current and recommended activity level. Assess the patient and family interest in discussing promotion of physical activity.
 a. If not interested, provide information on the benefit of physical activity to current health, if the patient has any chronic issues, and/or future health (including athletic performance).
 b. If interested, discuss the reason for interest and potential area of change and establish a specific, attainable incremental goal to progress toward physical activity guidelines. Connect patient and/or family to resources to support achievement of goal, such as a physical education teacher, exercise specialist, physical or occupational therapist, or coach.
4. Recommend scheduling an appointment to discuss achievement toward goal; identify obstacles to change and establish new goals.