Sleep Characteristics in Children at Different Obesity Risks, Including the Prevalence at Each Age, the Total Scores, and the Prevalence of Habitual Characteristics

Sleep CharacteristicAge 2, %Age 3, %Age 4, %Age 5, %Age 6, %Total Scores, Mean (SD)Habitual Characteristic,a %
Late sleep
 High risk20.331.328.137.545.31.63 (1.1)21.9
 Low risk23.334.930. (1.3)25.6
Short sleep duration
 High risk19.123.425.021.931.31.17 (1.1)13.2
 Low risk38.618.627.923.313.91.16 (1.1)13.2
Long sleep latency
 High risk23.431.228.121.929.71.22 (1.1)14.1
 Low risk27.930.225.620.916.31.23 (1.1)14.0
Low sleep efficiency
 High risk37.515. (0.8)2.0
 Low risk25. (0.7)2.5
Irregular sleep onset
 High risk26.230.933.425.030.31.41 (1.3)21.7
 Low risk24.134.425.622.016.71.23 (1.4)17.4
  • Results are pooled results from all imputation data sets.

  • a Habitual characteristics: the total score of the characteristic was >3.