Adjusted Associations of Habitual Late Sleep With Adiposity by Obesity Risks

Low Obesity RiskHigh Obesity Risk
Estimate (95% CI)PEstimate (95% CI)P
BMI z score
 No habitual late sleepReference0.39 (0.05 to 0.73).023
 Habitual late sleep0.15 (−0.41 to 0.70).600.93 (0.40 to 1.45)<.001
Waist circumference
 No habitual late sleepReference1.64 (0.56 to 2.71).003
 Habitual late sleep0.91 (−0.79 to 2.61).293.45 (1.78 to 5.12)<.001
  • Habitual late sleep: total score of late sleep ≥3. No habitual late sleep: total score of late sleep <3. Values are estimated parameters for effects of having or not having habitual late sleep by obesity risks (95% CI). All models were adjusted for child age, sex, maternal ethnicity, family education level, parental marital status, living condition, having siblings or not, screen time, physical activity level, total sleep duration, and baseline BMI z score or waist circumference. —, not applicable.