Examples of Types of Physical Activity

METPhysical SymptomsExamples of Activities
Light<3Easily able to converseHousehold chores
No sweating or shortness of breathPlaying catch
Moderate3–6Some difficulty talkingYardwork
Feeling warmJogging or fast walking
Light sweatingTag
Slight shortness of breathMovement portion of ball sports
Vigorous>6Unable to talkManual labor
Short of breathRun
Face redSkipping rope
SweatingSkiing, skating
Wheelchair use or use of assistive devices (crutches or ankle-foot orthoses)Comparable METs expended for comparable examples noted above (eg, wheeling on a smooth surface = light; wheeling fast or up an incline or as part of ball sports = moderate; wheelchair racing or sit-skiing = vigorous) (use of crutches or ankle-foot orthoses involves higher METs but usually not enough to increase the level of PA, eg, from light to moderate)
Muscle strengtheningPushing and/or pulling one’s body or an objectClimbing
Pushups, curl-ups, or resistance training
Wheeling a wheelchair
Bone strengtheningIncreased impactJumping rope
  • Data are from references 7882. MET, metabolic equivalent of task; PA, physical activity; —, not applicable.