Descriptives and Univariate Relationships Between Covariates/Outcomes and Cohort

VariableAdd Health ES (Total N = 1461)Add Health EI (Total N = 456)Midwest FC (Total N = 596)
Female, %14615545668***59656
Race, %1459456593
 Other race1092***
Hispanic, %14511045314*5938
Average age
 Age at T1 (mean and SD)146119.80.545619.9**0.559617.8***0.4
 Age at T2 (mean and SD)146126.30.445626.30.459626.1***0.3
High school diploma by T2, %14619545687***59382***
Any economic insecurity at T2, %14611645635***59642***
Ever pregnant by T2, %a8102930951***32779***
General health
 Fair or poor general health at T1 (%)146144568***59514***
 Fair/poor general health at T2, %1461745612***59618***
Average BMI
 BMI at T1 (mean and SD)143324.65.144525.3*5.758825.5**5.6
 BMI at T2 (mean and SD)143827.36.344528.4**6.659529.0***7.0
Dyslipidemia at T2, %14610.54561.15960.7
Hypertension at T2, %14611.04562.05964.2***
Diabetes at T2, %14610.24560.95950.8
Smoker at T2, %14611845630***59540***
Seizures at T2, %14610.04561.1b5961.5b
ADHD at T2, %14610.34560.25966.2***
Asthma at T2, %14611.24563.1**5965.5***
Any cardiovascular risk factor at T2, %14382144535***59447***
Any other chronic health condition at T2, %14381.24453.5**5948.7***
Nonprivate insurance at T2, %1458456591
 No insurance1930***41***
Didn’t get needed care in past year at T2, %14612445632***59613***
Last examination >1 y ago at T2, %1454614546359565
  • T1, time 1; T2, time 2.

  • a Analysis includes females only.

  • b No significance levels because there were 0 with outcome in Add Health ES (reference) group.

  • P < .10. * P < .05. ** P < .01. *** P < .001.