Wording of Specific Outcomes Assessed at Time 2 in Midwest and Add Health Studies

VariableQuestion Wording
Midwest StudyAdd Health Study
Definition of chronic health conditionParticipants initially asked, “Do you have any physical or mental health conditions or disabilities that limit the activities that you can do on a typical day?”Participants initially asked, “The following questions are about activities you might do on a typical day. How much does your health now limit you in moderate activities such as moving a table, pushing a vacuum cleaner, bowling, playing golf?”
If yes, participants were then asked how long the condition had been present.If yes, participants were then asked how much it limited their activities and how long the condition had been present.
Definitions of specific health conditions
 Seizure disorder“Seizures or epilepsy.”“Epilepsy or another seizure disorder.”
 ADHD“ADHD or hyperactivity or ADD.”“Attention problems or ADD or ADHD.”
 Asthma“Asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema.”“Asthma or reactive airways disease.”
 Dyslipidemia“Increased blood cholesterol or triglycerides or lipids.”“High cholesterol or high lipids.”
 Hypertension“High blood pressure or hypertension.”Same except if female, added, “when you were not pregnant.”
 Diabetes“Diabetes or high blood sugar.”Same except if female, added “when you were not pregnant.”
  • ADD, attention-deficit disorder.