Interaction Between Providers and Parents Before a Resuscitation

Interactions With Parents Before a Resuscitation ExamplesQuotes From Evaluators or Examples of Participants’ Interactions Reported by Evaluators
Examples of Behaviors To AdoptExamples of Behaviors To Avoid
Acknowledge parents and introduce yourself

“He established eye contact, the parents knew he was there.”
“Spoke in clear terms. 'Mr and Mrs Smith, I am Melanie, the baby doctor.'”
“She didn’t even look at the parents, totally ignored them.”
“A neonatologist, normal people don’t know what that is.”
Know and use the name of the infant“She asked if they had a name and used it.”
“We will be there for Beatrice when she is born.”
“He messed up the sex of the baby. It was indicated the baby was a girl on the instructions.”
Prepare the parents:
what is about to happen;
time constraints;
you are there
“He prepared the parents for what was about to come and that they may not have much time to speak later.”
“Beatrice could need some help at birth. We always prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Sometimes, we cannot talk to parents much when we help babies, but we are there for you.”
“She said everything would be okay without looking at the parents.”
“She said ‘don’t worry’ in a carefree way.”
“He said everything was under control when it was clear it wasn’t.”