Comparison or Behaviors Displayed by Top 10 Communicators Versus Others

Proportion of Participants Adopting the Following Positive BehaviorsIn the Top 10, %Not in the Top 10, %
Throughout the resuscitation
 Used name of infant**9062
Before the resuscitation
 Introduced themselves10078
 Mentioned the resuscitation could be difficult10080
 Mentioned that communication during resuscitation would be difficult10080
During the resuscitation
 Allowed father to approach the bedside**9062
 Acknowledged the presence of the father**9062
 Encouraged the father to report back to the mother8062
 Acknowledged the presence of mother100100
 Prepared parents for the death in a stepwise fashion*10065
 Stopped resuscitation <15 min10080
 Took the decision to stop the resuscitation (did not ask parents)10080
 Stated clearly that the infant was dead**9050
 Noted time of death9078
After the death
 Stated there was nothing parents could have done to prevent this**10065
 Placed the infant in the mother or the father’s arms10071
 Touched the mother9090
 Sat down*7029
 Allowed opportunity for parents to ask questions (30 s silence)10080
 Knew what happened to the body after death**10031
 Offered creation of souvenirs9090
 Offered to call family or spiritual supports10078
 Offered future support*10065