Interaction Between Providers and Parents During a Resuscitation

Positive Interactions With Parents During the ResuscitationQuotes From Evaluators or Examples of Participants’ Interactions Reported by Evaluators
Examples of Behaviors To AdoptExamples of Behaviors To Avoid
Acknowledge the presence of the parents; let the father approach the bed Use the name of the infant"She told the dad he could take his baby’s hand."
"He told the father to come closer.”
"Stay where you are, we don’t have time to speak to you.”
“Don’t touch your baby."
Use the name of the infant"He continued using the name of the baby.""He said 'your son' when it was a daughter."
Prepare parents for the death in 2–3 steps“"She prepared parents for the death in several clear steps. Said it was not going well and that she hoped Beatrice would improve, then that she was trying a last dose and if it didn’t work, Beatrice would die. Then she told them Beatrice was dead, that they did everything they could.""It was very unclear what was going on. She seemed overwhelmed, then said the heart did not come back. It was unclear if the baby had died and when."
Say the words (“death,” “dying”) "It was clear, he said they did their best, but that she died, Beatrice was dead. He used the words.""'She is with the angels?' Really?"
"'She was born with no heart?' Who understands that?"
Remain calm"She was confident, I would trust her.""He was jumping up and down and losing it."
Do not ask for parents’ permission to stop resuscitation"It was clear they had done all they could, and she said it was time to stop.""'Do you think it is a good time to stop?' Really?" "
He asked the parents if he should stop."