Categories of Commitments to Change, 12-Month Follow-up

Type of OrganizationNo. Engaged in Change
Pediatric departments and residency programs (total =13)
 Curriculum enhancement12
  Curriculum developed by interprofessional team of faculty8
  Curriculum includes subspecialty experiences2
  New or restructured rotation that includes B/MH3
  B/MH integrated into every rotation2
  Developed longitudinal experience that includes B/MH2
  Skills training (eg, CBT and SBIRT)2
 Assessment approaches for B/MH2
 Faculty training3
 Introduced interprofessional faculty and/or trainees8
 B/MH leadership enhancement2
 Enhanced B/MH care4
  Patient screening2
  B/MH training for pediatrician practices2
 Development of consultation program for pediatrician practices1
 Development of an integrated care facility1
 Secured or submitted grant to support interprofessional training and care3
National organizations (total = 15)
 Collaborative development of curriculum and assessment tools5
 Advocacy and awareness8
 Enhanced regulatory efforts and accountability3
 Development of screening tools for subspecialists2
 Development and dissemination of best practices in training and practice3
 Payment incentives for enhanced B/MH care1
 Enhancing the B/MH workforce1
 Focus national meetings on B/MH education and training3
Individuals (trainees and parents) (total = 6)
 Enhanced B/MH care2
 Curricular development2
 B/MH screening for subspecialty patients1
  • SBIRT, screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment.