Recommendations for Efforts on the Part of National Organizations

CollaborationContinue to work with other national pediatric organizations to influence training requirements (ACGME), revise curricula and assessment (APPD), provide needed resources and experiences (AMSPDC and AAP), and engage those responsible for UME curriculum (COMSEP)
Collaborate with national MH stakeholder organizations (eg, AACAP and APA) and with community MH organizations and schools to create a sense of urgency and identify solutions
Continue to engage national family and youth organizations in support of pediatric training
Engage with leaders of pediatric subspecialties, including SDBP and SAHM, to promote enhanced B/MH training and care
DisseminationMaintain momentum for change by ABP, NASEM, and others hosting similar meetings and continuing to disseminate information about the urgency of B/MH needs
Disseminate best practices, curricula and assessment tools, and policy statements through multiple modalities
AdvocacyAdvocate for payer support for B/MH care by pediatricians and others
  • AACAP, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; APA, American Psychological Association; COMSEP, Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics; SAHM, Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine; SDBP, Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics; UME, undergraduate medical education.