Mean Ratings of Likelihood of Allowing Target Child to View Movies With Either Violence or Sex by Age of Child, Order of Presentation, Parental Monitoring, Number of Movies Seen Before, Child Gender, Number of Movies Watched Past Week, and Parent Age

PredictorAge of Child, y
6 to 910 to 1213 to 17Total
Total by age2.722.523.233.124.454.303.563.40
Parental monitoring
Movies seen before
 1 to
 3 to 52.962.743.463.424.924.683.883.71
Child gender
Recent movies watched
 1 to 22.722.353.012.754.314.153.393.13
 3 to 42.662.483.423.384.494.163.663.46
 5 to 103.002.893.233.454.995.043.813.87
Parent age, y
 18 to 343.002.623.613.714.424.383.443.26
 35 to 442.562.513.133.084.724.623.493.42
  • Parents were asked, “How likely is it that you would allow (target child) to see this movie in the future?” Response options ranged from extremely unlikely (1) to neither unlikely or likely (4) to extremely likely (7).