Prevalence of Past 12 Months Smoked Tobacco Use, Marijuana Use, and Overall Tobacco and/or Marijuana Use Among Adults Aged 18 to 22 Years by College Enrollment Status (NSDUH, United States, 2002–2016)

Smoked Tobacco: Overall, % (95% CI)Marijuana Use: Overall, % (95% CI)Smoked Tobacco and/or Marijuana Use, % (95% CI)
College studentsn = 5131n = 3707n = 5131n = 3707n = 5131n = 3707
 Overall50.5 (48.8–52.2)a32.2 (30.2–34.2)a32.7 (31.1–34.2)34.6 (32.6–36.6)↑55.9 (54.2–57.5)a46.8 (44.7–48.9)a
  Male55.8 (53.3–58.3)a,b39.9 (36.8–43.0)a,b35.5 (33.1–38.0)35.9 (32.9–39.0)↑60.2 (57.7–62.7)b51.7 (48.5–54.9)a,b
  Female45.8 (43.6–48.0)a,b25.6 (23.2–28.1)a,b30.1 (28.1–32.1)a,b33.5 (30.8–36.1)a52.0 (49.8–54.2)ab42.6 (39.8–45.3)b
 Race and/or ethnicity
  Non-Hispanic white56.2 (54.4–58.1)a,b39.0 (36.3–41.8)a,b36.7 (34.9–38.6)b38.7 (35.9–41.4)b61.6 (59.8–63.5)a,b53.5 (50.7–56.2)a,b
  Non-Hispanic African American32.2 (28.1–36.4)a,b19.3 (15.2–23.4)a,b21.9 (18.2–25.6)a,b35.0 (29.7–40.2)b38.6 (34.2–42.9)a,b40.9 (35.5–46.2)b
  Hispanic40.3 (33.8–46.8)b27.8 (23.3–32.2)b23.3 (18.2–28.4)b29.8 (25.3–34.3)b45.5 (39.0–52.1)b41.3 (36.5–46.1)b
  Non-Hispanic other43.2 (36.7–49.7)a,b23.2 (18.0–28.4)a,b26.5 (20.9–32.1)b24.6 (19.4–29.7)b47.1 (40.5–53.7)a,b32.9 (27.1–38.6)a,b
  Full-time50.0 (48.2–51.8)33.1 (30.9–35.4)↓33.0 (31.3–34.7)35.6 (33.3–37.9)↑55.5 (53.7–57.4)48.2 (45.8–50.5)b
  Part-time53.3 (48.9–57.6)28.3 (24.1–32.6)↓30.9 (26.9–34.8)30.5 (26.0–35.0)↑57.6 (53.3–62.0)41.0 (36.3–45.7)b
Noncollege individualsn = 6203n = 4502n = 6203n = 4502n = 6203n = 4502
 Overall58.1 (56.6–59.7)a40.8 (38.9–42.7)a31.7 (30.2–33.1)34.2 (32.4–36.0)↑62.4 (60.9–64.0)a51.6 (49.7–53.5)a
  Male63.7 (61.5–65.8)a,b46.3 (43.7–48.9)a,b35.8 (33.7–37.9)b37.9 (35.4–40.4)b68.0 (65.9–70.1)a,b56.2 (53.6–58.8)a,b
  Female51.7 (49.5–53.9)a,b33.7 (31.2–36.3)a,b26.9 (24.9–28.8)a,b29.5 (27.0–32.0)a,b56.0 (53.8–58.2)a,b45.7 (43.0–48.5)b
 Race and/or ethnicity
  Non-Hispanic white66.9 (65.1–68.7)a,b48.4 (45.8–51.0)a,b36.4 (34.6–38.3)b37.0 (34.5–39.5)b70.8 (69.1–72.5)a,b58.3 (55.8–60.9)a,b
  Non-Hispanic African American44.9 (41.1–48.7)a,b31.3 (27.3–35.2)a,b28.8 (25.2–32.3)a,b33.7 (29.7–37.8)b51.7 (47.8–55.5)a,b45.6 (41.3–49.9)b
  Hispanic45.3 (41.4–49.2)b30.8 (26.9–34.7)b21.5 (18.3–24.7)b29.2 (25.4–33.0)b48.9 (45.0–52.9)b42.2 (38.0–46.4)b
  Non-Hispanic other55.6 (48.1–63.1)a,b35.6 (29.3–41.9)a,b32.4 (25.2–39.5)b30.2 (24.2–36.2)b59.8 (52.3–67.3)a,b44.1 (37.5–50.7)a,b
  Less than high school59.0 (56.6–61.4)35.5 (32.4–38.7)b31.3 (29.1–33.5)30.9 (27.8–34.0)b62.2 (59.8–64.6)46.5 (43.2–49.9)b
  High school56.6 (54.2–59.0)45.1 (42.2–48.0)b31.5 (29.2–33.7)34.8 (32.0–37.6)b61.9 (59.5–64.2)54.9 (52.0–57.8)b
  Some college or more59.6 (55.9–63.3)40.2 (36.6–43.8)b33.5 (29.8–37.1)36.9 (33.4–40.5)b64.8 (61.1–68.4)52.3 (48.6–56.0)b
  • ↑ indicates prevalence linearly increased during 2002–2016 (P < .05), and ↓ indicates prevalence linearly decreased during 2002–2016 (P < .05). Overall use of smoked tobacco was defined as use of cigarettes and/or cigars (big cigars, cigarillos, and/or little cigars) regardless of marijuana use. Overall use of marijuana was defined as use of marijuana (regardless of the mode of consumption) regardless of smoked tobacco use. CI, confidence interval.

  • a Results significantly differ between college students and noncollege individuals (P < .05).

  • b Responses vary significantly (P < .05) within the assessed demographic subgroups.