Selected Regimens for EC Available in the United States

BrandFirst DoseSecond Dose, 12 h LaterEthinyl Estradiol per Dose, μgLevonorgestrel per Dose, mg
Progestin-only pills
 Next Choice or Plan B2 pillsNone01.5
 Plan B One Step1 pillNone01.5
 Ovrette20 pills20 pills00.75
Other ECP: ella30 mg of UPA
IUD: ParagardInsert within 120 h of unprotected intercourseInsert within 120 h of unprotected intercourseNANA
Combined estrogen and progestin pills
 Ovral2 white pills2 white pills1000.5
 Levora4 white pills4 white pills1200.6
 Nordette4 light-orange pills4 light-orange pills1200.6
 Seasonale4 pink pills4 pink pills1200.6
 Triphasil4 yellow pills4 yellow pills1200.5
 Alesse5 pink pills5 pink pills1200.5