aORs (with 95% CI) of Sleeping on a Sofa at Time of Death (Compared With Not Sleeping on a Sofa)

aORsa95% CIP
Lower BoundUpper Bound
Age (mo)
 0–3 mo0.930.801.1.4 (NS)
 4–11 moReference
 Female0. (NS)
 Unknown1. (NS)
Race or ethnicity
 Non-Hispanic black1. (NS)
 Other0. (NS)
 Non-Hispanic whiteReference
 Other0. (NS)
 Unknown0. (NS)
 Child’s homeReference
Surface sharing
 Unknown2. (NS)
Any object present in the sleep environment
Position placed for sleep
 Unknown1. (NS)
Position change
 Supine/side to prone0. (NS)
 Prone to prone0. (NS)
 Prone to supine or side0. (NS)
 Unknown1. (NS)
 Supine or side to supine or sideReference
Position found
 Prone1. (NS)
 Unknown1. (NS)
Change in sleep location
 Different location6.55.28.1<.001
 Same locationReference
Maternal smoking during pregnancy
Diagnosis of cause of death
  • NS, not significant.

  • a Adjusted for all variables in the model.