Mothers With Each Feeding Style at Child Age of 6 Years by Bottle-Feeding Practices During the First 6 Months

Pressure to EatFood Restriction
Encourage My Child to Eat All of the Food on the Plate, % yesEspecially Careful to Make Sure My Child Eats Enough, % yesMake Sure My Child Doesn’t Eat Too Many Sweets or Junk Foods, % yesIf I Didn’t Guide/Regulate, My Child Would Eat Too Much of His/Her Favorite Foods, % yes
All children111723.733.353.637.5
Bottle-feeding practices during the first 6 mos
 Bottle feeding intensity (BFI)
  Low (0% to 50%)54918.624.655.437.7
  High (51% to 100%)56828.741.752.037.3
 Bottle emptying encouraged by mothers
 Bottle emptying led by infants
  • Data from the IFPS II, 2005–2007, and Y6FU, 2012. BFI is defined as the percentage of milk feeds given by bottle. P values were obtained by χ2 test for each association examined. *P ≤ 0.05.