Associations Between SSB Intake During Infancy and SSB Intake at 6 y of Age, IFPS II, 2005–2007 and Y6FU Study, 2012 (n = 1333)

SSB Intake During InfancybAll, n (%)cSSBa Intake During the Past Month at 6 y of Age
0 Times/d, %c>0 to <1 Time/d, %c≥1 Time/d, %cP Valued
Any SSB intake during infancy<.0001
 No SSBs973 (73.0)22.063.814.3
 Any SSBs360 (27.0)12.657.130.3
Age at SSB introduction during infancy
 Never consumed SSBs during infancy973 (73.0)22.063.814.3
 SSB introduction at or after age 6 mo242 (18.2)10.759.030.3<.0001
 SSB introduction before age 6 mo118 (8.8)16.653.130.3
Mean SSB intake during 10 to 12 mo of age<.0001
 No SSBs1095 (82.2)21.862.715.5
 <1 time/wk62 (4.7)
 1 to <3 times/wk86 (6.5)
 ≥3 times/wk89 (6.7)8.355.835.9
  • a SSBs at age 6 y include regular soda, sweetened drinks such as Kool-Aid, lemonade, sweet tea, Hi-C, cranberry cocktail, Gatorade, and others.

  • b SSBs during infancy includes juice drinks, soft drinks, soda, sweet tea, Kool-Aid, and others.

  • c Sample distribution, percentages may not add up to 100% because of rounding.

  • c χ2 test was used for each variable to examine differences across categories, P < .05.