Smoking and E-cigarette Behavior and Policies for the Home and Car Among Enrolled Parents

VariableParent Uses Only Cigarettes (N = 646), n (%)Parent Uses Only E-cigarettes (N = 34), n (%)Parent Is Dual User of Cigarettes and E-cigarettes (N = 81), n (%)P
Anyone smoked in home (past 3 mo)224 (34.8)6 (17.6)26 (32.1).13
Strictly enforced smoke-free home policy393 (61.1)25 (73.5)51 (63.0).35
Anyone smoked in car (past 3 mo)327 (56.0)a7 (22.6)b52 (72.2)c<.001
Strictly enforced smoke-free car policy (if no)247 (42.3)a18 (58.1)a18 (25.0)b<.01
 People smoke in car when children are present187 (58.6)a1 (9.1)b26 (52.0)a.03
Strictly enforced smoke-free policy for both home and car219 (37.5)a15 (48.4)a16 (22.2)b.02
Anyone used e-cigarette in home (past 3 mo)69 (10.7)a24 (70.6)b50 (61.7)b<.001
Strictly enforced vape-free home policy402 (72.7)a8 (23.5)b21 (26.3)b<.001
Anyone used e-cigarette in car (past 3 mo)49 (8.4)a24 (77.4)b45 (62.5)b<.001
Strictly enforced vape-free car policy (if no)340 (65.8)a6 (19.4)b17 (23.9)b<.001
 People use e-cigarette in car when children are present40 (26.8)a14 (56.0)b30 (55.6)b<.001
Strictly enforced vape-free policy for both home and car308 (60.5)a6 (19.4)b15 (21.1)b<.001
  • Missing data were not included. Car items are limited to parents who reported that they have a car. Each superscript letter denotes categories whose column proportions do not differ significantly from each other at the .05 level.